Thursday morning started early for the guests of the Grand Cro press-trip when the journey towards Žigljen began. After the ferry ride to Pag, the guests first visited the Boškinac winery, where Matija Zdunić took them on a guided tour of the vineyards where great interest for the indigenous Gegić variety could be seen. Mister Zdunić explained the philosophy of the work of the Boškinac family, and what the meaning behind the name of one of their staple wines Ocu stand for. That same respect for family and traditional way of life could also be seen in the winery and shop, and later during lunch at the Boškinac restaurant. The five-course menu created by chef Matija Bregeš and his team was paired with wines from the winery. From the Boškinac winery, the journey continued towards the Bibich winery. At the location and appellation, Bas de Bas the winemaker Alen Bibić welcomed his guests and offered them with his method traditional Bibich Brut sparkling wine. A walk-around tasting continued at the Bibich estate. Boškinac, Bibich, Saints Hills and Duboković wineries offered the wines, many from which carry the title of some of the best wines of the region and area. A masterclass on ”Wines of Dalmatia” was held by Saša Špiranec and Alen Bibić, but also Antonija Car from the Saints Hills winery, who presented her Posh wine as one of her first, and personal creations. This was a great opportunity for many presents at the workshop to, for the first time, try many of Dalmatian indigenous varieties like Plavac Mali, Pošip, Maraština or Malvazija Dubrovačka. The plate of black one-bites created by the Bibich Restaurant made a fun play during a small break in between tasting the whites and reds. The black dishes, with one white element on the plate, will surely remind the guests of the way red wines are referred to in Croatia – as ”black” wine, because of its deep tones that are common in reds from this region and from the native varieties of this area.

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