Enology and wine experts from seven European countries, and the USA came together to embark on a study trip that will take them through all four of Croatia’s wine regions. After visiting the wine regions of the Croatian Uplands, and Slavonia and Croatian Danube, the journey continued to the region of Istria and Kvarner. On Wednesday, the 17th of October, after a gastronomical introduction and a warm welcome from the family of ”Miro Truffles”, the group continued towards Bale, where the Stancija Meneghetti is situated. Stancija Meneghetti brings together the Meneghetti winery, hotel, and restaurant to offer its guests an unforgettable experience, in wine, gastronomy, and hotel-experience. After a tour around the vineyards and winery led by Damir Bosek, the head enologist of the Meneghetti winery, a master class was held by Saša Špiranec, who was joined by Miroslav Plišo. ”Wines of Istria” presented the best of the three parts of Istria (when speaking of the soil and bedrock content): White Istria, Gray Istria, and Red Istria. Dinner at the Meneghetti restaurant offered a gastronomical experience to remember. The elaborate six-course menu was paired with the best of the Meneghetti wines, at the same time presenting how traditional cuisine can with the use of modern culinary approaches presented on the modern, high-end restaurant scene.

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