About Grand Cro

In the development of the Croatian wine industry, the focus is on preservation, not growth. Croatia is a small country whose main riches are the astonishing geographical, historical and cultural diversity of its regions. Quantities are not the forte of this country, but quality certainly is. Individual craftsmanship is the growth vision of gastronomy in general, especially enology. All standard international grape varieties can be grown in Croatia, and they thrive in large amounts, but along with them scientists have listed around 130 indigenous grapes so far, a number that is still increasing. Of course, not all of these grapes can be turned into premium quality wines, but many of them are attractive due to their local charm, and around ten of them definitely have the potential for impressive results. In this multifaceted image of natural conditions and historical heritage, it is obvious that the greatest strength of the Croatian winemaking lies in small wineries. Yet, this is also a limitation, because in today’s world it is extremely hard for a small winemaker with small quantities to attract attention on the vast and oversupplied global wine scene. The answer to this challenge definitely lies in uniting, and this is the underlying idea of the Grand Cro, an association that gathers eight Croatian winemakers with outstanding individualities, different at first glance. Their vineyards, wineries and wine hotels are scattered all over Croatia, focused on different grape varieties, grown on diverse positions, from the Danube to the Mediterranean. Each of them develops his own wine style, but all are connected by the best propelling fuel for pursuing excellence – persistence, passion and self-belief. When they appear together at Croatian and international wine trade shows, they are kind of representatives of the Croatian enological diversity. The essential Croatian indigenous grape varieties can be found among their labels. Yet, when they present blends and classic, globally widespread grapes, a distinctive quality of the terroir is always present in them. When the word terroir is mentioned, usually microclimatic characteristics, soil composition, vineyard inclination and exposure come to mind. But more often, the most important element is also added to the list: the person who defines the style of a winery. While in big wineries this individuality is lost, in Grand Cro wineries it is in the foreground. The character of the eight Grand Cro wine enthusiasts is reflected in their wines. At the beginning of the Croatian wine renaissance, in the late 20th century, the world did not know that the small Croatia is a wine country. Today, wine and gastronomy is the reason why many visitors come to Croatia, and the list of worldwide restaurants whose elaborate wine lists include Croatian wines is growing. Some of the credit for this also goes to the winemakers of the Grand Cro association, who are telling an exciting tale about the modern Croatian wine production stemming from thousands of years of wine tradition.

Grand Cro – vrsna hrvatska vinska gospodarstva
Zapadna Ulica 63, Plastovo, Skradin