Although the official opening of the new Galić winery is set for the 9th of November, right before the Martinje celebration in Croatia starts, also when it will  mark the 10-year anniversary of Galić wines, on the 16th of October a group of wine journalists, sommeliers, and wine reporters from seven European countries and the USA had the opportunity to see the new, state of the art wine cellars at a ”sneak-peek” preview. Josip Galić, the head winemaker and the person who fathered and raised the winery from the starting 6,5 ha with 40.000 vines in 2007., to today’s 60ha with an annual production of 300.000 bottles welcomed his guests. With him, the head enologist Slaven Jelinčić and the director of the winery, Andrej Markulin presented the guests with the impressive, state-of-the-art winery that manages completely to convey the spirit of Mr. Galić. Endless rows of stainless steel tanks, barrels with glass rims (that enable to see every part of the fermentation), concrete eggs and concrete cones for maceration, large wooden barrels of 3300l and small ones of 330l, the Bacchus3 wine analysis-instrument, fermenters, and presses – all here to accomplish one thing: see what wine can develop into, what it can grow to be when treated in many different ways, through different durations and when kept in different vessels. The impressiveness here does not only stay within the winery but is also found in the exterior, where the brick and industrialy-bare concrete building from the architectural firm Dva Arhitekta and with the signature of Tomislav Čurković and Zoran Zidarić – emerges and stands firmly on the Kutjevo grounds, with the recognizable Galić ”g”. Along with the tour of the wine cellars, a walk-around tasting of wines from the wine region Slavonija and the Croatian Danube was organized for the visitors, with wineries Dvanajščak Kozol, Sontacchi, Bolfan, Kopjar, Petrač, Šember, Feravino, Krauthaker, and Tomac presenting their great successes. What followed was a workshop on the wines of the aforementioned wine region, where Saša Špiranec from Vinart guided experts from Poland, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary, Switzerland, Croatia, and the USA through the wines? An additional presentation on the recent wine-market trends was held in order to have an insight into what can be expected on the wine market in the future.


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