How to meet a new country? Through the culture and tradition of people. Wine is an example of how the tradition of viticulture, wine culture and marvelous work of men is united in a drink that, together with all this – expresses the terroir. The wine trip – to which the Grand Cro organization invited the guests from the European countries – will take part in the vineyards and cellars of some of the best Croatian wineries – from Zagorje and Slavonia, through Istria, to Southern Dalmatia. The trip began on Monday with a visit to the Petrač winery at Hršak Breg. Zagorje has best demonstrated to foreign journalists, wine writers and sommeliers that the wine comes as a result of the long tradition of hard work. The host Nikola Petrač walked the guests through the cellars and the vineyards. Along with the wine workshop with the theme of the wines made in Bregovita Hrvatska, which included locals and winemakers from the region (Puhelek, Tomac, Dvanajščak-Kozol, Kopjar, Bolfan, Korak), the hosts at the Petrac winery had paired the wines with the best food of this region – Zagorske štrukle , race s mlincima, boar with potato. Guests from the USA, Germany, Austria, Poland started their journey in the coldest Croatian wine region, but in the warm ambience that best placed them in the journey ahead of them.

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